The Chateau Elite was an upscale and the most expensive boarding house located in Daggerford just beyond the city's main gates during the late 14th century DR.[1]

A roaring fire, a sport oof warm cognac, and a good book... The Chateau Elite has all this and more for the discriminating guest.
— A nobleman guest of the Chateau Elite[2].

Location[edit | edit source]

It was located on the eastern side of Daggerford's Money Quarter.[1]

Exterior[edit | edit source]

The first thing anyone passing the Chateau Elite's three-story building saw was its sign that hung outside the front doors of the fine establishment. The sign has the name of the inn written in sophisticated cursive script and had a painting of a man with a pretentious smirk, long nose, and haughty monocle. The look on the man's snobby face seemed to judge the passersby for not being posh enough to enter the Chateau Elite.[2]

The inn always posted a doorman outside, dressed in smart finery, preventing the commoners and underdressed guests from going inside.[2]

The building had a back-door servant entrance that was locked. The door had a slit allowing the staff to see the people knocking. On occasion, the staff would let someone in through the back door for a small bribe of 100 gp.[2]

Interior[edit | edit source]

The in was lush with wealth, and the floors were luxuriously carpeted with the most expensive rugs one could find in Daggerford.[1] The main hall was a large lavishly decorated area with a huge fireplace hearth across from the main entrance with a kitchen entrance doo to its right and client rooms hallway to the left. The main hall had a handful of tables and chairs placed around, exotic potted plants and animal head trophies decorated the walls of the hall, as well as filled bookshelves available for the guests' entertainment.[2]

The inn's large kitchen laid past one of the two doors outside the main hall that house the entrance. The Kitchen was well-stocked with foods, barrels of ales, wines, a large stove and a hearth.[2]

Services[edit | edit source]

Apart from the regular but extremely expensive lodgings and meals, Chateau Elite also offered a full pampering service beyond belief. If a guest desired, they could be wheeled around, carried to their rooms, placed in bed, undressed, gave bathes, and feed them, all done by a small army of servants that worked at the inn. All the staff was trained to be patient and extremely accommodating to the clients' every whim.[1]

A stay at the Chateau Elite costed 200 times the price of an average inn in the region, around 400 gp per night.[1]

One of the Chateau's specialties was a full-course meal that consisted of beef sharburg, a side serving of Marsember beets, and finished with a bowl of eldritch berry custard. One of many drinks served there was Mintarn almond brandy with a splash of lime.[2]

Clientele[edit | edit source]

It was very obvious that the type of people that were attracted to this inn were pompous, rich, and powerful people, wealthy merchants, visiting dignitaries, and the nobility.[2]

Among regular guests of note were Quintessa, Lord and Lady Pemberton, Egbert Dulkaster, and Lady Chastity, all rich and noble humans.[2]

Staff[edit | edit source]

In 1372 DR, the kitchens were staffed by one female cook who feverishly worked non-stop to satisfy the guests' every need, and a small army of servants and waiters ran around the building.[2] The stall of the Chateau Elite inn suffered high turnover, with servers being fired for not keeping up, or they simply ran away screaming.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

In the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR, the Waterdhavian spy Astriel Shalyn set herself up within the Chateau Elite Inn while investigating the apparent death of Duke Pwyll "Greatshout". She operated from her room working with the adventurer who would later be known as the hero of Daggerford and their companions, until they were ambushed by the Zhentarim assassins. This prompted Astriel Shalyn to move her operations away from the luxurious inn as it was no longer safe.[2][1]

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