Chathi Oandem was a priestess of Kossuth[1].


Chathi was of willowy built[2]. She had hazel eyes.[1] Old burn scars marred her left cheek[1] and her body[2] but didn't blemish her otherwise handsome appearance. Chathi had an air of energy and quick intelligence around her.[1]

During warfare, Chathi usually wore mail and helmet. Otherwise she liked to wear flame-patterend vestments.[3]

Weapon / Magical AbilitiesEdit

Chathi was trained to fight her enemies with mundane weapons as well as her potent magic.[4]

She had also healing spells in her repertoire.[4]


Chathi took part in the war against an undead army invading Pyarados. There she met Aoth Fezim who later became her lover.[2] During the fight at the Keep of Thazar she was killed by an exploding wand in her hand - a rod supplied by Szass Tam and his way of obliterating members of the church of Kossuth and his adversaries.[5]

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