Chatulio was a copper dragon who helped Dorn Graybrook during the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR.[1]


In 1373 DR, when the gold dragon king Lareth ordered all metallic dragons to hide in order to avoid the Rage, Chatulio was among those who disagreed, instead believing in searching for a cure. He joined his friend, the song dragon Karasendrieth, in investigating Northkeep on the trail of Sammaster.[1]

Chatulio later helped defend the Monastery of the Yellow Rose against an attack by chromatic dragons allied with the Cult of the Dragon. Afterward, he and Kara began to search through the monastery's extensive archives for lore about the Dracorage mythal.

Chatulio eventually left the monastery, sensing he would soon succumb to the Rage. Using his powerful illusion magic to disguise himself as a black dragon, Chatulio infiltrated the chromatic dragons besieging the monastery and instigated a fight between their leader - the red dragon Malazan - and the green dragon Ishenalyr, who was one of the draconic mystics known as the hidecarved. After Malazan killed the green, Chatulio succumbed to the urges of the Rage and began laughing uncontrollably, exposing himself to the assembled dragons, who immediately killed and devoured him.[2]




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