The so-called Ched Nasad portal was a portal that connected the drow city of Ched Nasad with the Dalelands.[1]


The Ched Nasad portal, like any other portal consisted of two gates: an Underdark one in Ched Nasad and a surface one in the Dalelands, namely Deepingdale.[1]

The Underdark end was found in a tunnel in the subterranean city's vicinity. In fact, the tunnel was well-traveled, and the surface end was connected with a drow community on the surface.[1]


The portal was owned by a cell of the church of Vhaeraun active in Ched Nasad and in Deepingdale. The Underdark one consisted mostly of disenfranchised male drow and the surface one a larger settlement that followed the faith of Vhaeraun.

The portal was a close-guarded secret of the church. In fact they had their rogue and assassin members stationed in the portal's vicinity to organize the deaths of people who stumbled upon it.[1]


The Ched Nasad portal was effectively a smuggling route. It allowed access to a reliable source of riding lizards, fungi, and other Underdark goods for the surface drow and an easy access to necessities like food and water,[1] things that were scarce in the Underdark.[2] It also allowed quick allocation of other resources like manpower between these groups for their respective aims of hurting Ched Nasad's matriarchy and Deepingdale's population.[1]

The portal was always accessible on the Underdark side and only after sunset on the surface side. The portal was impossible to access for their enemies because it was keyed to a male divine caster,[1] and Lolth's clergy was universally female.[3]

The Underdark cell was also active in causing a shortage of the necessities like food and water to which they had easy access to. They planned to weaken Lolth's matriarchy and eventually take over the city.[1]



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