Cheetahs were large felines known for their speed.[3]


Cheetahs were slender and long, their bodies designed to reach high speeds and leap great distances. The coloration of their fur allowed them to blend into their habitat seamlessly. Unlike most cats, cheetahs were unable to retract their claws.[2]


Cheetahs were skilled hunters and used their speed and jumping ability to tackle prey. Their sharp claws and fangs were deadly natural weapons. They could jump up to 10 ft (3 m) horizontally and 20 ft (6.1 m) vertically. Cheetahs were especially dangerous when protecting their cubs, for which they fought to the death in their defense.[2]


Cheetahs were the only great cat species that could be properly domesticated.[1] Druids and rangers in the Shaar often took on a cheetah as a companion animal.[4]


Cheetahs could be found in warm grasslands and prairies. Cheetahs were found on the plains in Durpar,[5] Estagund,[5] the Great Rift,[6] Halruaa,[7] the Shaar,[8] Var,[5] and Zakhara.[9] Some cheetahs also lived within the forest of Cormanthor.[10]


Cheetahs were obligate carnivores and targeted antelopes as their primary source of food. They rarely attacked humanoids for food. They were territorial creatures but often lived with other cheetahs. Female cheetahs had litters of up to four cubs, who remained by her side for two years.[2]


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