Chemcheaux was a famous magical item shop located within the Swordspoint neighborhood in the Temple District of Ravens Bluff. Its daily operations were run by Mortimer,[1] a Calishite mage and business partner to the renowned Prismal the Outrageous.[2]


Some time before 1370 DR, a sudden, violent explosion engulfed the shop. It was so large in force that it was visible from as far away as the nearby town of Mossbridges. Once the smoke cleared, it became evident that Mortimer, and at least one other clerk within the store, had completely disappeared. For years after this event, any spells cast near the ruins of Chemcheaux, or the city block it had been located on, would produce wild and unintended effects.[1]

Eventually, the land where the famous shop stood came to be used by the city of Ravens Bluff. The bold and steadfast entrepreneur Veldarno Khalabari fulfilled his lifelong dream of building a club, the Raven's Glory, where Chemcheaux once stood.[1]



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