Cherrapunni Nor, or the Bottomless Lake, was a lake located in western Ra-Khati.[1][2]

Geography[edit | edit source]

Glacial run-off formed this large lake that formed part of the border of Ra-Khati. The Gogrus River contributed to the lake's size as well.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Cherrapunni Nor was filled with beautiful clear blue water. Pilgrims traveling up the Gogrus River were required to stop at the lake and drink the water to help cleanse themselves of evil.[1]

In the days before Ra-Khati sealed its borders, a monastery, dedicated to the padhrasattva of pilgrims sat at the north end of the lake. Years of abandonment left the monastery a crumbling ruin. Pilgrims who made it to the lake took shelter in the ruins, and claimed the land radiated goodness.[1]

The shoreline of the lake dropped away quickly, leading to its nickname of the Bottomless Lake.[1]

It was also noted that the lake was remarkably free of dangerous monsters given its size.[1] This was due to a magically altered giant octopus living in the lake, placed there by the fifth Dalai Lama to rid the lake of giant man-eating trout.[5]

There were a few settlements surrounding the lake. However, most were deserted or destroyed when Solon attacked Ra-Khati many years before 1359 DR.[1]

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