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Chichimecs were abominations spawned by deities of air, wind, and the skies.[1]


Chichimecs were clumps of madly flapping and fluttering wings, either birdlike or batlike, with a single long tail trailing out of the center of mass behind the creature. There was no discernable body or head; the tiny eyes, mouths, and other sensory organs that dotted the body trunk were only apparent if the creature was dissected. The chichimecs varied from white to pale beige in color, fading in some areas to a sickly blue. Overall, they tended to be about 4 ft (1.2 m) in diameter.[1]


Like other abominations, chichimecs were mad, hateful things; they loathed themselves and projected this onto the multiverse as a whole, desiring to tear it all down.[1]


Chichimecs were extremely powerful and possessed off many different abilities. They flew fast and with perfect manuverability; they had blindsight and could use true seeing at will; and they could summon an air elemental thrice each day.[1]

Chichimecs possessed several spell-like abilities, being able to replicate darkness and telekinesis at will; and improved invisibility, control weather, call lightning, lightning bolt, chain lightning, wail of the banshee each once per day. Additionally, the assault of a chichimec drained the victim's mental willpower.[1]

Like other abominations, chichimecs were immune to petrification, polymorphing, and any other form-changing effects; neither their energy nor mental or physical abilities could be drained or damaged; they were immune to mind-affecting effects of any kind (ranging from charms and compulsions, to phantasms and patterns, to morale effects); they were highly resistant to fire and cold and immune to electricity; they were difficult to damage even with powerfully enchanted weapons and were highly resistant to spells. They were difficult to detect (as if under the nondetection spell) and they healed very, very quickly.[1]


Chichimecs attacked any creature they came across with their spell-like abilities and by battering opponents with their wings and tail. If forewarned of combat, they would summon air elementals. Unless their elementals were in range, they always opened combat with wail of the banshee.[1]


Chichimecs, as the offspring of deities, however unwanted they might be, still possessed a deific spark and great power. They needed to eat, drink, and breathe so infrequently, and aged so slowly, that they could not be killed by those means, only through combat. Chichimecs were generally imprisoned to distant regions of the Elemental Plane of Air, sealed airy demiplanes, or uninhabited planets composed only of poisonous gases.[1]


In 799 DR, a number of chichimecs destroyed a Deep Imaskari colony on the Elemental Plane of Air, and then entered Deep Imaskar itself. They caused great damage before being driven out.[2][3]