Chirasu was a Kozakuran goddess of stealth and counted as one of the Eight Million Gods. She was a patron of ninja, yakuza, and others who wished for their deeds to go unnoticed.[2]


Most temples and shrines dedicated to Chirasu were located within urban environments and had typically either been built by or later gained support and management from the Konishi family of professional ninjas,[2] who were the most powerful in Kozakura.[3] Indeed, some of the sohei and shukenja stationed at such shrines were often trained ninjas as well.[2]

People intent on contacting the Konishi ninjas often did so by visiting one of these temples or shrines.[2][3] One seeking the Konishi was advised to make an offering to a priest and say they prayed to meet someone blessed by Chirasu. They would then leave, and the Konishi would soon find then.[3]



  1. No divine ranking is offered for Chirasu; her pantheon of the Eight Million Gods is, however, identified as "Nature Deities" collectively, though no further information is given regarding what this classification entails. Due to the nature of Chirasu's faith being near-exclusive to one large ninja clan, she likely would occupy the space of a Lesser deity, but no source specifically identifies her as such.


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