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Choldriths were the priest race of the chitines in the Underdark.[2]


Choldriths had eight legs (though the front two served as arms) and resembled bloated white spiders. Like chitines, they had faceted eyes and mandibles protruding from their mouths. Their ears looked like horns.[2]


When possible, choldriths hid behind shields of chitines while they used their clerical spells.[2]


Choldriths lived alongside chitines in villages inside caverns filled with maze-like webs. In the center of the cavern was always a temple to Lolth. Choldriths served as the leaders of each village, as they were seen as blessed by Lolth.[5]


Choldriths were found alongside chitines in the upper and middle-Northdark.[5] However, the majority lived in several connected villages known cumulatively as Yathchol, located beneath the Far Forest.[5] In that city, choldriths made up 8 percent of the population in 1372 DR.[6]

Notable choldriths

  • Shelwen Darkenweb, Matron of Chortoj and a leader of Yathchol.[6]
  • Qed Weakeater, Matron of Yiechit and a leader of Yathchol.[6]
  • Cruanyl Corpsewrapper, Matron of Vlorsk and a leader of Yathchol.[6]
  • Lurawen Bladelicker, Matron of Lortch and a leader of Yathchol.[6]
  • Roaswen Webwaiter, Matron of Othmo and a leader of Yathchol.[6]
  • Nelwen Undercutter, Matron of Athkaratch and a leader of Yathchol.[6]
  • Quor Silkstriker, Matron of Temmchor and a leader of Yathchol.[6]


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