Chondath was a country located in the Vilhon Reach. It had a long history. It was located on what once was the psiocracy of Jhaamdath on the shore of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Chondath was later a confederation of city-states under the capital of Arrabar, but used to be a powerful nation in times long past.[2]

All of Chondath was ruled by Eles Wianar, the Lord of Arrabar. He resided in the Generon, a large palace located in the capital.[2]

In 1386 DR, as part of the Spellplague, most of Chondath was exchanged with parts of the Abeiran land of Shyr. What remained of Chondath on Toril was utterly destroyed by the subsequent catastrophes of the Wailing Years.[3][4]


Chondathans were primarily traders, often dealing with far-off lands. They were also a somewhat warlike people and distrusted wizards and magic altogether.[2]


Waukeen, the goddess of trade, was heavily worshiped here. Other important gods were Helm, god of guardians; Lliira, goddess of joy; Malar, god of the hunt; Talos, god of storms; and Tempus, god of war.[2]

Major geographical featuresEdit

A large forest south of Chondath that was inhabited by elves, satyrs, and centaurs.[2]

Notable locationsEdit


The capital of Chondath was an ancient city with a large portion of Chondath's army.[2]
A busy port city that exported much of the region's lumber.[2]
Another port city in Chondath.[5]
This thriving city benefited greatly from the war between Hlath and Iljak.[5]
This plague-ridden ruin[6] was known for the House of Holy Suffering temple which lay near or in it.[7]




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