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Chosen ones were human slaves, twisted and corrupted by unnatural magic into vicious guardians under the control of their Thayan masters.[2][4]


Chosen ones were monstrous humanoids who were human once. Their twister appearance was heinous and only remotely resembled their previous forms. Their faces were warped by magical torture. Their teeth were turned into long sharp gnashes, the skin was toughened into leather-like armor, stretched along their gaunt and elongated bodies. Their appendages were extended, and fingers transformed into long, filthy claws.[2][5]


Chosen ones were born out of pain and suffering inflicted upon them by their Red Wizard masters. The creatures were filled with barely contained rage against their masters and the world. Their makers utilized the chosen ones' fury. The magic that created them also veiled their perceptions. It made everyone, but their masters and allies, appear as the rage targets in the chosen ones' eyes. This made them unstoppable weapons.[2]


Even though magically conditioned, the enchantment that controlled the chosen ones' perception was imperfect. There was a chance that the magical conditioning would break. When this happened, chosen ones were overwhelmed with memories of their human lives, and the knowledge of the true cause of their pain and suffering. The longer a chosen one remained in open battle, the bigger chance was of the magic that clouded their minds wearing. If that happened in-fight, the chosen one immediately left the conflict, running away to find their masters to pour their rage onto the person responsible for their suffering.[2]


Chosen ones were programmed with a special command word that compelled them to attack any person or creature who held their masters hostage or ensorcelled with enthralling.[2]

When entering combat, chosen ones attacked relentlessly and fearlessly, biting and slashing at their opponents with their razor claws encrusted in filth. Some chosen ones were given melee weapons by their masters. The creatures' teeth and claws were covered in foul matter, which acted similarly to poison when introduced into their victims' open wounds.[2][5]


A chosen one chooses you!

The Thayan masters often used chosen ones as guards, hounds, or soldiers.[2][5] They were often used to protect important places like their masters' vaults, laboratories, and dungeons, but would be released to track down criminals, intruders, or trespassers. Stuck in a constant state of boiling explosive rage, they were only restrained by their masters' will. If provoked by a third party while performing the guard task or any other assigned action, they often lashed out with murderous fury and could only be calmed by their masters.[2] While inconvenient, their instability was seen as a minor price to pay given chosen ones' value as slaves.[3]

When chosen ones were unleashed on the world unrestrained by a master, they became a constant danger to all living creatures caught in the way. In these cases, wild chosen ones were hunted and destroyed. Even though plans of creating armies of chosen ones by Thayan powers existed, none actually dared to create them in such big numbers, at least until the magic that created and controlled them was improved and more reliable.[2]

Chosen ones were created via the use of the aptly named spell, create chosen one. Once the creation was complete, the chosen ones could not be returned to their human forms by any means, apart from the wish spell or similarly rare and powerful magic.[2]


Chosen ones' creation was considered risky, but worth the danger. The most infamous incident that involved chosen ones happed during a Red Wizard Thamarrak's dinner party. Even though considered abnormal and unlikely happenstance, the Red Wizard's twenty chosen ones went berserk and mauled their master along with his guests. It was a popular rumor that the massacre was caused by the wizard's many enemies who found a way to disrupt the magical conditioning his chosen ones were under.[2]

In the mid-to-late 14th century DR, several tharchions considered creating a legion of chosen ones to lay siege to Aglarond and Rashemen, but the plan was abandoned amidst political strife in Thay.[5] They were rarely seen outside of Thay during this time.[3]


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