Chromatic orb was an evocation spell used by several sorcerers and wizards. When cast, chromatic orb shoot a dazzling, multicoloured globe towards a creature of the casters choice within fifty feet, which upon impact burst into a ray of whatever colour was currently dominant. Though this often resulted in debilitating effects, chromatic orb always dealt some degree of injury to its target, regardless of how well they defend themselves. Chromatic orb was after the Spellplague among the most complicated spells learned by young or inexperienced sorcerers and as such, can only be cast once per day.

Similar, but not identical in effect, to the prismatic ray spell used by wizards, the exact effect of chromatic orb depend upon the colour that resulted as dominant. Yellow light indicated a harsh and brilliant light that dazes the spell's victim. Red, as might be expected, signified fire and similarly green resulted in the poisoning of the target. Turquoise light sent an electrifying charge through the flesh of its victim, causing them to move a number of feet dependent upon the caster's dexterity. Lastly, blue indicates a cold blast that froze the target momentarily solid while violet indicated a psychic attack that rendered the target less able to defend themselves against future attacks.

The post sundering version of this spell was simpler as the caster simply picked a type of damage from acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison or thunder. The chosen type of damage formed a 4 inch ball that assaulted the target causing the chosen damage, it could reach a target for up to 90 feet. And as the caster used a higher level for the spell it grew in strength.


Vocal and somatic and a diamond worth at least 50 gold pieces.[5]



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