Chronias, also known as the Illuminated Heaven, was the seventh and final layer of Mount Celestia.[2] Many religions made this level the home of their lawful good deities, believing any lesser realms were merely to accommodate less-worthy souls. It was thought to be the ultimate goal of the inhabitants of Celestia to ascend the layers one by one in order to reach Chronias, where their souls would join with the essence of the plane itself.[3]


Little was known of its structure because nothing was ever recorded by the few who had visited and returned. The legends said that Chronias was so good and lawful that it glowed of its own accord and any who entered had all evil and neutrality burned out of them, leaving them inherently good—if they survived.[2]


The ruler of Chronias was Zaphkiel, the Watcher. He was the first archon created[4] and leader of the Hebdomad.[5]




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