Chrysoberyl was a fancy stone found in the Realms.[1][2] It had many uses, but when used for short-range scrying, a specimen of this gem was called a cat's eye.[5]


Chrysoberyl was a hard stone that wore well, so it was usually facet-cut into transparent yellow-green to pale green jewels.[1][4][6] A typical specimen had a base value of 100 gp.[1][2][3][4]


This gem was used in enchanting devices that provided protection against magic jar spells or other forms of (usually necromantic) possession.[1][6]

Using rare enchantments, chrysoberyl chips or whole stones could be melted into the metal when forging a weapon, allowing the implement to strike ethereal and gaseous creatures,[1][6] such as ghosts and phase spiders.

Powdered chrysoberyl mixed with the liquid extracted from a particular crushed flower formed a paste that could be applied externally on the body to stop the spread of mummy rot and all molds and fungus.[6]

A chrysoberyl gem could be used for short-range but very detailed scrying. For that reason, it was known as a cat's eye.[5]

Chrysoberyl was one of the "nine secrets"—stones that could be enchanted to become ioun stones.[6]

In ancient Netheril, these gems were sometimes used by the sorcerer-kings as message stones that would speak a recorded voice when touched. Message stones that survived the ages were highly prized whether the message was an intimate note to a lover, an inspirational quote, instructions for a magical procedure, or directions to a treasure trove that may or may not have been discovered.[6]




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