Chrysoprase was a semi-precious stone found all across the Realms. The largest deposits were located in the Storm Horn Mountains of Cormyr were it was known as stormrock.[4][5]


Chrysophrase was a translucent form of chalcedony that had a color reminiscent of green apples.[4][5] It was a popular gemstone in Cormyr where it often found use in women's earrings and brooches worn on the chest.[5] A typical stone had a base value of 50 gp.[1][2][3]


Chrysoprase was used in the creation of items and spells that dealt with conferring or piercing invisibility effects. It could be ground to a powder and used in magical ink for inscribing scrolls with invisibility or anti-invisibility spells. It could be used as a spell component in those same spells, and it was often used to adorn rings of invisibility.[4][5]

Chrysoprase was one of the "nine secrets"—stones that could be enchanted to become ioun stones.[5]


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