Chuhotl was an adventurer in Maztica.[1]


Chuhotl was the son of Kichemel, a great Nexalan Eagle Knight. Kichemel was injured in 1361 DR during the ambush at Palul. Chuhotl and all his family managed to flee during the Night of Wailing.[1]

They retreated to south but Kichemel ordered Chuhotl to go east. He said to his son that when he proved worthy he would give him his Eagle Knight armor. Chuhotl decided to joined the Amnians. He tried to ask for a crusade to destroy the Viperhands monsters.[1]


Chuhotl believed that only the Amnians could eradicate the evil that had taken root in the once-beautiful Nexal. However, they did not treat him with respect because they could not see the purity of his vision or the clarity of his soul. Chuhotl was proud to be a Nexalan.[1]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Chuhotl is a pre-generated Maztican PC for use in adventures in Maztica.


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