The Chultan Peninsula is the dominant area of Southwest Faerûn. It has an undeserved reputation of being a backward place with a complete lack of civilisation populated by savages. In fact, it boasts several large cities with stable governments that are all rife with culture. The Mhair Jungles mark the eastern end of the peninsula.

After the events of the Spellplague, the Chultan Peninsula became an island. Following the Second Sundering however, the land again rose from the sea to become a peninsula again.[1]

Nations[edit | edit source]

The peninsula contains four countries:

Chult[edit | edit source]

The westernmost country of the Peninsula is a dangerous place, covered almost entirely by deadly jungle and infested with disease and dangerous monsters.

Samarach[edit | edit source]

An isolationist vassal kingdom of Nimbral. Paths through the encapsulating mountain ranges are cloaked by powerful permanent illusions.

Thindol[edit | edit source]

A country of mountains and tall grasses. Thindol is constantly under threat from the Yuan-ti and Kuo-toa from the waters both above and below ground.

Tashalar[edit | edit source]

The only inviting country of the peninsula. Here, foreign traders are welcomed with open arms. The natives only dwell on the northern coastline, avoiding the unclaimed southern jungles and venturing into the neighbouring Hazuk Mountains only rarely to mine precious metal.[2]

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