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Chultan dwarves were albino shield dwarves that once lived in the vast mines of Chult.[2]


The shield dwarves of Chult were albinos; their hair and skin were white, and they had pink eyes. This meant that they were very sensitive to the hot sun of Chult and therefore only came above ground at night. Otherwise, they were physiologically like their northern cousins.[2]


Chultan dwarves were even more somber and grumpy on average than the shield dwarves of the north. They were not especially violent, but they would defend their homes and mines at any cost.[2]


Most Chultan dwarves lived deep below the surface of Chult within one of its many mines full of gems, minerals, and ore. They made use of the dinosaurs of the surface as pack animals in their mining operations. Their culture revolved around the wealth of their subterranean mines, and they were superb craftsmen, particularly when working with gems and precious metals.[2]


Tabaxi superstitions equated the color white with death, so Chultan dwarves were often feared by the Chultan humans.[2]

Their usual trade partners were the Batiri goblins from the Dimetrodon Clan. The dwarves received food, skins, and ivory from the goblins in exchange for gems.[2]

The Chultan dwarves also sold diamond-edged weapons to surface folk, including axes, short swords, and spears.[2]


In the late 15th century DR, Chultan dwarves had been forced to leave their subterranean realms due to volcanic activity. Some sought refuge in Port Nyanzaru, while others adapted to life in the jungle. Without the traditional means and raw materials that were no longer available, they resorted to making armor, weapons and tools out of dinosaur hide and bones, as well as flint and wood. They also continued to craft jewelry using bones, feathers, tusks and stones instead.[1]

Notable Chultan dwarves[]

Musharib of Port Nyanzaru.



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