Chunming was a city in Shou Lung and one of the largest spelljamming ports of Toril, second only to the Dock.[1]


The Chunming government established that approaching spelljammers must fly over the city before docking in the ocean or directly into the spaceport's drydocks. No spelljammer was allowed to approach by sea, as an effort to ensure that sailing ships and spelljammers remained in different tax brackets. Since spelljammers also recharged their air, a surcharge of one fen per ship's ton was added to their docking tax.[1]


The city only accepted Shou Lung currency, which made it necessary for all crews to exchange their money before paying their docking taxes and engaging in businesses. Exchange stations were abundant among the docks, charging a fee of 5% per conversion. In addition, no Shou Lung currency was permitted to be removed from the premises, so all crews had to exchange their remaining money before departure, at the risk of being chased by the patrolling dragonships.[1]

The spaceport imported mostly exotic food and spices from other crystal spheres, as well as magic items and alchemist recipes. There was always interest in hiring mages and clerics to work for the Shou Lung empire.[2]

Most prominent among the city's exports was its handicraft, in particular its figurines made of jade that came in many colors. Other top sellers included smokepowder and arcane supplies such as scrolls and potions, which were known for their reliability and ease of use.[2]


The local population welcomed spelljamming crews and viewed them with respect and a measure of envy.[1]

One of the spaceport's guards was the kensai An Ching Wang, who was approachable and willing to share information that was not considered secret by the government. She followed her betrothed Yu Fu Tieh to Chunming soon after her father was injured, where she became one of the first women to serve in the Emperor's guard.[3]



The Spelljammer: Realmspace sourcebook has a city called Chunming as a major spelljammer port. However, while based on lore from the earlier Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms, the details and characters there make it clear that this is a city of Shou Lung, not a city of the rival empire of T'u Lung as the original Chunming was. Thus, this wiki presumes they are separate cities. Please see Talk:Chunming for discussion.


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