The Church of Last Hope was a holy house located in the Twin Songs district within the Outer City of Baldur's Gate in the late 15th century DR.[1][2] It was not created in reverence to any one deity or pantheon, but served as a sanctuary for the despondent, depressed, and hopeless wretches of the city and beyond.[3]


The chapel was built from stone and not overly decorated. While it was rather large, its decor was plain and unassuming.[3] It was somewhat dirty, with a morose atmosphere due in large part to the rather depressing music that played from within.[1]


By means of "miraculous inspiration", as they claimed, the servants of the Twin Songs possessed divine intuition as to when despair and melancholy took hold over residents of the city. When this occurred, they sent couriers with written invitations for individuals to visit their church.[1]

For those who were despondent and entirely without a will to live, the church offered the "ritual of reverie",[3] which they considered to be a dignified end to a troubled life.[1] For these unfortunate folks, the ultimate fate and destination of their immortal souls was unknown,[3] though it was believed by some they were lost forever. These skeptical individuals also theorized that the church's "services" were in fact evil destructive rituals masquerading as a deed of merciful euthanasia.[1]



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