The Church of Mystra, also known as the Church of Mysteries and by other names, was the primary religious organization dedicated to the worship and service of the goddess of magic, Mystra, or her successor, Mystra.[1]


The church of Mystra typically did not employ idols like statues of the goddess, but had no commandments against it.[2]


The church apparently sent out communiqués to its members with news of the opening of new temples and such.[2]

The church also found a duty to help folk driven insane by failed spellcasting.[1]

Many Mystran clergy wandered the land as itinerant clerics, seeking out and preserving old magic.[2]

The church of Mystra preserved magical lore so that magic would continue and flourish in the future even if the dominant races of Faerûn were to fall. Its members also searched out those skilled in magic or who had the potential to use it, keeping a close eye on those who were likely to become skilled. Her clerics were encouraged to explore magical theory and create new spells and magic items. Sites dedicated to the goddess were enhanced by the Weave to allow any spell cast by her clerics while in them to be affected by metamagic.[citation needed]



A cleric of Mystra in blue robes wearing her holy symbol.

From 1358 DR, the patriarch of the church was Adon, who had been the first priest of the new Mystra.[1]

Even itinerant clerics like Tunaster Dranik would remain in at least yearly contact with the church, and be considered to be in good standing. They had superiors among the settled clergy at the temples.[2]


One Mystran religious service took the form of an astronomy show, in which a priest pointed out, named, and revered various stars and constellations.[3]


By 1374 DR, the kingdom of Cormyr did not have even one temple to Mystra. In that year, a Temple of Mystra was constructed in Wheloon, but it turned out to be a false temple run by cultists of Shar and Cyric.[2]


The Church of Mystra was opposed to the church of Cyric, just as Mystra was opposed to Cyric.[1]

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