The Church of Umberlee is disorganized, and different locales vary significantly in the way they practice faith in the Bitch Queen. Following Umberlee's nature inner disputes are usually resolved through dueling, and the strongest Umberlant prevails, while the other is thrown aboard the next ship to leave port.[1]


Umberlant clerics can walk unmolested almost every port and surrounding areas, and they are always welcomed aboard ships in hopes that their presence appease their furious goddess. They pray for spells at high tide (in the morning or the evening), while making offerings and self-anointing on the brow, hands and feet with sea water.[2]

Holy days and ritualsEdit

  • First Tide: celebrated when the ice breaks up in a harbor, it consists of a parade through town with a caged animal, which is tied to a rock and then thrown into the sea. If it survives, it is treated as a sacred animal.[2]
  • Stormcall: is a mass prayer to send a storm away, and perhaps redirect it to another harbor, port or ship.[2]



In Waterdeep, at the end of Fleetswake, is held the Fair Seas Festival[3]. It is a ceremony dedicated to placate the Bitch Queen, during which tithes are given by dropping coins, included those collected during Fleetswake by increasing the normal docking fee to 1 gp, into the deepest reaches of the harbor. Strong currents drag this wealth into Umberlee's Cache.


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