Chwingas (pronounced: /ɛˈwɪŋɑːzcheh-WING-ahz[1]) were small, shy elemental spirits that lived in the rocks, plants, and rivers of Chult.[1]


Chwingas stood 0.5‒1.0 ft (15‒30 cm) tall, resembling small animated dolls with masks for faces.[1][2] No chwinga masks were alike, and they often took the form of animal faces.[1][2] Their hair was wild and unkempt while their limbs were slender and lean.[1] The presence of chwingas was foreshadowed by mild natural phenomena, such as the presence of harmless insects or pleasant flowery scents.[1] Further indication could be found in cool breezes, and a lusher surrounding scenery.[1]


Incredibly shy in most aspects of their lives, chwingas were naturally curious and fascinated by humanoids, whose signs of civilization were alien to chwingas. Beings that wore armor, carried weapons, cooked food, and used tools were of great interest to them. Those that piqued a chwinga's interest enough could find themselves tailed by the diminutive elementals, and given minor magical boons. The features that drew chwinga to individuals seemed completely arbitrary, ranging from height and hairstyle to artistic talent or other strange abilities.[1]


Chwinga had the power to bestow various supernatural aids on those who caught their curiosity and compassion. They were agile and hard to pin down, primarily due to their hiding skills. They possessed the ability to take shelter and hide inside their natural surroundings, like in rocks or trees, becoming totally impervious to danger.[1] Like most elementals, chwingas did not eat, drink, or breathe, but unusually they did sleep. Dead chwingas became petals, pollen, a puddle, or a stone.[1]


Chwinga lived and slept within natural objects like rivers and trees. They were incapable of speech and didn't have names.[1]



Tomb of Annihilation


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