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Cildabrins were a species of intelligent, monstrous creatures.[2]


Cildabrins looked like a combination of giant spider and giant scorpion. They had the body of a large, spider, but instead of eight legs, the first pair of legs were the pincers of a scorpion. They had a large tail of a scorpion, with a large, 8 in (20 cm) stinger at the tip. As they lacked a spinneret, they were unable to create webs.[2]

Some had bodies covered in black fur,[2] while others were covered in bluish-black chitin with tufts of dark brown hair that grew out of their joints. Their eight eyes were of a turquoise hue and seemed to reflect no light.[1]


Cildabrins had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of a spider climb spell at all times. In addition, they had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of silence, 15' radius and web of darkness, 15' radius spells three times per day. Cildabrins were immune to the effect of a web and similar spells.[2]


Cildabrins were ambush hunters. They hid from their target within an area of silence, luring them closer by leaving some treasure on the ground, leaping out and attacking once their target was in range. They used their sharp claws to crush a target, or their stinger to delivering a powerful poison. If their target proved to be stronger than anticipated, cildabrins used their innate ability to create an area of darkness to make a hasty retreat.[2]


Cildabrins were solitary creatures and only socialized for mating purposes. A female cildabrin laid up to forty large purple eggs in her lair. This nest was kept in darkness to protect the eggs.[2]


Cildabrins were obligate carnivores and would eat any creature it could. Since it was unable to digest inorganic material, cildabrin would remove any armor, weapons or any other item from their prey before their meal. These items were collected and later used as a lure.[1][2] Out of all demihuman races, they preferred the flesh of dwarves most of all.[1]


Cildabrins typically made their lairs inside of deep, warm caves.[2]


These creatures were incapable of true speech, though they could communicate with other arachnids.


Cildabrin were a favored monster of the deity Lolth.[3]

Rumors & Legends[]

Some sages speculated that cildabrin might have been an artificially created race, noting their similarities to both hunting spiders (like tarantulas) and scorpions.[1]

Many claimed that they were tools of the drow, though they feared these creatures just as much as any other humanoid. Some religious sects among them even considered the appearance of one to be a dire omen.[1]


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