Ciraxis was a great ice dragon that laired in the Sunset Mountains.[1]


The large white dragon was a powerful creature that had a hoard consisting of a few great chests.[1]


Ciraxis attacked with its frost breath, buffeted its wings, and stomped any foes in range.[1]


In 1374 DR, the Bruenghor Clan of the Sunset Mountains, were driven out of their mines by drow. Kolgrim, their leader, and members of his clan, made their way to the Burning Eye to light a signal fire. They had to do this to request help from their allies in Easting. However, they were attacked by Ciraxis on the peak of the mountain. During the battle, the dragon breathed its icy breath over several clan members, including the one holding the key to the mines.[1]

Afterward, the heroes Vahn, Adrianna, and Kromlech ventured to the Sunset Mountains. They lit the signal fire, and gained the key, and then entered the mines. Here, they slew the drow leader, Ilivarra. The adventurers came across a dwarf, Brogan, who had been jailed by the dark elves. The dwarf Harper told them that an unknown group aimed to use a portal to enter Baldur's Gate. The guardian of this portal was Ciraxis. After slaying the dragon, the group successfully used the portal and were teleported to the Marsh of Chelimber.[1]



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