Circle was an evocation spell that allowed a Red Wizard of Thay to increase the number of spells they could cast. A number of Red Wizard apprentices, of the same or allied schools of magic, would lend their power to a single Red Wizard, granting them greater spellcasting ability, as if they were a much more powerful mage.[1]

This spell was the embodiment of the Thayan version of circle magic, an arcane practice that was shared by the Witches of Rashemen.[3]


In effect, the apprentice wizards lent their prepared spells to the recipient wizard. While circle allowed this wizard to cast more spells, it did not grant them access to more powerful magic than they were previously accustomed.[1]


In preparation for casting, a number of apprentice wizards encircled the target Red Wizard, who was required to be completely well-rested.[4] Upon the simultaneously casting of the spell, their prepared and memorized spells were depleted and transferred over to the recipient wizard, who in effect gained spellcasting ability equal to their cumulative arcane experience.[1]

Once the casting was complete, the Red Wizard decided which additional spells they chose to have memorized. If they left the circle, the circle was broken or any apprentice wizards were injured or killed, any untapped spell power was wasted. After they memorized their gifted spells, the Red Wizard was free to leave the circle.[4]

Circle only required verbal and somatic spell components. Its casting time depended on the skill of most-experienced apprentice. The more novice the apprentices, the faster the casting time.[1]


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