Circle dance was a divine divination spell that revealed the direction and status of a specific person through the act of dance.[1] An arcane version of the spell was commonly used by drow and Red Wizards of Thay.[3]


At the end of the dance, the caster would find him- or herself facing the direction of the target. Moreover, the general physical and emotional condition of the individual would be known. If the target was on another plane or dead, nothing would be felt.[1]

The spell's reverse was called circle charm. It hid the caster and their equipped magical items from circle dance, ESP, know alignment, locate object and other spells used for detection. The spell required the same material component as circle dance and the dance pattern was reversed.[3]


This spell required one minute of a spinning dance in a circle while completing the words of the spell and mentally focusing on the individual in question. The individual must have been known firsthand to the caster.[1] In addition to these verbal and somatic components, the arcane version of the spell had a material component, a gem crushed into a powder. This gem had to be worth more than 1,000 gp.[2][3]


The spell was found in Shandril's Workbook.[3]


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