The Citadel of Ice and Steel was the center of all major djinni activity within the Elemental Plane of Air.[1]


This citadel was actually a gigantic chunk of elemental ice and earth, smoothed over time by the winds into a nearly perfect oval. The Great Caliph's palace was located in the center.[1]

The entire citadel was constantly free-falling, based on the caliph's will. Thus, the only kind of movement possible within the citadel was flight.[1]

Any creature incapable of flight or hovering was constantly buffeted by wind from djinn guards while they were in audience with the Great Caliph.[2]


The Great Caliph and his court issued decrees and collected taxes, but the citadel did not produce tangible products.


The noble djinn had several elite military organizations that they could call upon if the Court of Ice and Steel was threatened, including:[1]


Djinn and noble djinn, along with elemental servants of air inhabited the citadel.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

The djinn claimed to have overthrown Inix, the Princess of Elemental Evil, and claimed the citadel for their own.[1]



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