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The Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls was the seat of rulership for the Great Padisha of the Marids.[1]


Located within the warm waters of the Elemental Plane of Water, this large circular coral reef sported bubbling air fountains, carpets of kelp, copper doorways, giant clams, and schools of fish.[1]

Geographical Features[]

Most of the Citadel was easily accessible because of the wide doorframes used by the giant noble marid, but many passages were only passable by small fish or marid in their water form.[1]

Shafts of sunlight illuminated patches of the Citadel. No area was unlit unless the Padisha wanted it to be so.[1]

Rumors and Legends[]

The deepest portions of the Citadel were said to house the great treasures of the Padisha. These comprised gifts were collected over thousands of years. Fist-sized pearls of nearly every color were believed to be found here.[1]


Anywhere from just a few to several hundred noble marid visited the Citadel at any given time. They enjoyed holding contests of jousting and hunts to compete against each other.[1]

A wide variety of fish roamed through the coral surrounding the Citadel, many also served as guardians.[1]