The so-called Cities of the Ancients covered jungle-filled East Zakhara, an area left vacant by the ruin of former empires.[1] Influence of Huzuz, Afyal and the League of the Pantheon on the local rulers was strong, but so was that of their savage history.[3]


For centuries past, this region of mighty river valleys, forests, and desert was home to the kingdoms of Nog and Kadar.[4] All that remained from those ancient civilizations were crumbling ruins, tombs of forgotten rulers, and temples of lost gods.[4] Their legacy was strong enough, however, that the whole region was also called the Ruined Kingdoms.[1] In this vast, relatively unexplored, and very wild corner of mainland Zakhara, three major cities were found, all in the southeastern quarter - Rog'osto, Kadarasto, and Dihliz (the only one not built on the ruins of old capitals).[1]

The large islands of Sahu - influenced by Kadar and the ancient followers of Thasmudyan - and Afyal - each featuring a lost civilization of its own - were considered both part of the Ruined Kingdoms and Crowded Sea regions.[1][5][6]

East Zakhara is enclosed by the Haunted Lands in the North and West, the Sea of Foreigners in the North and East, the Crowded Sea, specifically the islands of Bariya and Harab, in the South, and the Cities of the Pantheon in the West, where Al-Sayaj Mountains form a natural barrier.[7]

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