Cities of the Heart was the name of a group of metropolises surrounding Suq Bay.[1][2]

They lay at the center of the continent of Zakhara geographically, but even more so in importance.[1] They contained the largest population of any Zakharan region,[3] and while Wasat's and Halwa's role was mainly to connect the cities to each other[4] and with the wild hinterland of the Haunted Lands,[5] respectively, Hiyal was the continent's largest industrial center,[6] and Golden Huzuz not only functioned as the capital from which the Grand Caliph ruled all of Zakhara,[7] but was its historical,[1] religious, and cultural center as well.[8]

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  • Halwa, the City of Solitude, was a trading city 200 miles inland, in the Haunted Lands desert, where desert nomads came to trade.[1][5]
  • Hiyal, the City of Intrigue and the northernmost of the Cities of the Heart, was a heavily industrial city on the west side of the Suq Bay.[2][9][6]
  • Huzuz, the City of Delights and the capital of Zakhara. It was a center of trade and politics on the Suq Bay.[7][8]
  • Wasat, the Middle City, was calmer and quieter than the other cities, being primarily a waystation for travelers.[4]

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