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Several cities along the east coast of the Golden Gulf and the adjacent coast of the Crowded Sea formed the loose political organization of the League of the Pantheon, also called the Pantheist League. What bound them together was a similar outlook on religious and social matters: They restricted their belief to five gods: the Great Gods Hajama, Kor, Najm, Selan as well as Jauhar, which only the Pantheists considered equal to the others. Faiths of other gods were forbidden and often persecuted. Citizens of the Cities of the Pantheon valued conservativism in their actions, outwardly reflected by their choice of clothes covering the body from head to toe. Their rigid values also lead to less destitution than in the Pearl Cities.


The Cities of the Pantheon were also united in their loyalty to the Grand Caliph in Huzuz. Their governing body in overarching matters was the League Conclave, based in I'tiraf.


The Pantheist League did engage in trade, but much of that trade may have needed to be done through intermediaries. Among the products that attracted outside attention are the crystal and glassware available in I'tiraf, glass lenses, telescopes, and books found in Hudid, and the fine medical knowledge to be had in Talab.

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The members of the League of the Pantheon were:




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