The City Core was one of the districts of Neverwinter in the 14th century DR.[1]


The City Core was connected to all the other districts of Neverwinter, and it was also the district where the city gates were located.[1]


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During the city's struggle with the Wailing Death in 1372 DR, the City Core was badly damaged during the war against Luskan.[1] Portions of this district were later rebuilt as a new district, the Merchant Quarter.[2]


When Mount Hotenow erupted in 1451 DR, bringing about the destruction of most of Neverwinter, most of the City Core was left untouched by the pyroclastic flow. When Dagult Neverember began his efforts to rebuild Neverwinter, in the late years of the 15th century DR, he fused the City Core, the Peninsula District, and the Merchant Quarter into only one area. Eventually, the survivors of the cataclysm renamed this new area the Protector's Enclave.[3]

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