The City Guard was a militia organization made up of soldiers responsible for defending and patrolling the great city of Waterdeep.[2][1]


A City Guard patrol was typically led by a captain or sergeant.[1]


The City Guard had specific titles for the members of their forces:[5]

Rank City Guard Title
Private Trusty
Sergeant Vigilant
Lieutenant Shieldlar
Captain Aumarr
Major Valabrar
Colonel Torsin
Major General Commander
Lieutenant General Varies depending
on duty
General Warden of Waterdeep

By the late 15th century DR, the extant ranks of the City Guard were the following:[3]

Rank City Guard Title
Sergeant Armar
Lieutenant Civilar
Captain Senior civilar
command positions
Seneschal of Castle Waterdeep
Defender of the Harbor
Master of the North Towers
Master Armorer
command positions
the Lord's Hand
the Lord's Champion
General Warden of Waterdeep
Special branches
Griffon Cavalry Griffon Cavalry rider


The City Guard's duty was to investigate foreign threats to Waterdeep and to protect the city against them.[1] Their duties included guarding the city's gates, important locations, and citizens.[6] City Guards could be found posted at Castle Waterdeep, Piergeron's Palace, the city walls, and its surrounding countryside.[2]


  • Service for 6 gp per month.[2]


Around 1357 and 1358 DR, soldiers of the City Guard wore yellow scale armor under green cloaks and tabards. They wore matching conical helms of green and gold with fur trim, chainmail neck-guards, and topped by a spike.[1][7] They could also carry a shield. Both tabard and shield bore the symbol of Waterdeep, a crescent moon reflected over a bay, surrounded by seven stars. They wielded longswords, daggers, and darts coated with a paralytic poison. On missions outside, they were also armed with bows.[1]

Around 1372 DR, Waterdeep's City Guards wore a uniform of polished chainmail covered with a tabard in black cloth with gold trim. They carried various weapons as their posts would require, including longswords, shortbows, shortspears, shortswords, daggers and rods (i.e., masterwork clubs).[2]


One day in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR, a huntsman informed the City Guard of a magical tower erected within a single day, a full day's hard ride north of Waterdeep's Trollwall. A City Guard patrol, including Pern, investigated and attempted to scale the tower. Imgig Zu, master of the tower, animated his gargoyle minions to attack the guardsmen.[1]

In the Year of Shadows, 1358 DR, when the skies over the city darkened and an interdimensional wormhole (from the Great Door) disgorged a swarm of gargoyles and kenkus over the city, a City Guard troop and Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun arrived to hold them off. [8] Shortly after, during the Time of Troubles, members of the City Guard stationed in Castle Waterdeep during a party tried to stop a trio of the Dark Army of the Night from kidnapping a false avatar of Selûne. However, they were hindered by the Dark Army's utter darkness and then by blinding light. The avatar herself stopped the trio with a bind spell, and the City Guard arrested them. Later, Lord Piergeiron ordered Rathnar of the City Guard to arrest Kyriani after she fought with the avatar, but Khelben Arunsun took charge of the prisoner and let her go.[7]

In the late 15th century DR, Elminster Aumar held the rank of Warden of Waterdeep, answering directly to Open Lord Laeral Silverhand.[3]