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City System is an accessory for AD&D 1st edition. It includes extensive and detailed maps of the city of Waterdeep, and was intended to serve as a companion to Waterdeep and the North.

It is called the City of Splendors: Waterdeep, most populous and powerful of the cities of the north. It is a city of wealth, adventure and danger. More men have died in its taprooms and bars than in all the sieges of Dragonspear Castle. Success and death lurk in its shadowed entranceways and dimly-lit streets.

Come explore the greatest city of the Realms in this incredible new boxed set dealing with urban fantasy adventures. Waterdeep is detailed in no less than 10 expanded maps, embellished with typical building interiors suitable for use in any campaign setting. In addition, a full-size poster of Waterdeep is provided, along with a grand-scale three-dimensional map of Castle Waterdeep, hub of the city's government. In addition to all of these maps, a 32 page City System booklet provides encounters and street scenes, special features and details of Waterdeep, and methods of creating types of buildings in monuments in the pockets of those unfortunate enough to get in a player character's way. Designed for use with Waterdeep, these new features are suitable for use anywhere in the Forgotten Realms!

It's all here-all you add is your imagination.[3]


  • Using This Product
  • Waterdeep
  • A Brief Timeline
  • Rulership, Peacekeeping, and Justice
  • City Buildings
  • City Services
  • Street Scenes
  • Recurrent Situations
  • Picking Pockets, Short Version and Long Version



According to trusted designer Eric L. Boyd, this book's designer Ed Greenwood noted that when the team was designing the map for City System they did not consult his master map. As a result, many named streets and alleys were thought to have no name, which the team took as an opportunity to name some after staff at TSR, Inc. Over time with later products, some of these names were replaced with their original ones.[4]


  • Design: Jeff Grubb, Ed Greenwood
  • Editing: Karen Boomgarden
  • Cover Art: Larry Elmore
  • Cartography: Dennis Kauth and Frey Graphics
  • Typography: Betty Elmore
  • Keylining: Stephanie Tabat

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