The City of the Dead was a large cemetery and ward in Waterdeep. Most of the city's dead were buried here.[1]


The City of the Dead is set against the eastern cliffs. It is entered through Weeping Gate. Most mausoleums or tombs belonging to noble houses contain portals established by Ahghairon that each reach a private burial ground in a nearby uninhabited dimension. Entering them can have unpredictable side effects.[citation needed]

The more important personages have their own personal graves or family shrines, while others are confined to larger crypts. Many of the more important tombs are guarded by animated guardians.[1]


Individual graves were replaced with tombs in 1250 DR, due to a lack of space. Two years later, in 1252 DR, a wall was built to contain the growing number of undead, who were causing problems in other nearby wards. A curfew was also established.[1]

The cemetery suffered extensive damage during the Spellplague.[2]

Notable LocationsEdit

Coffinsmarch Gate
One of the public gates.[1]
Dead End Gate
The hidden, private gate the Carver family uses to enter in order to conduct burials or perform maintenance on the tombs.[1]
Thief's Knot
A hedge maze constructed to honor a long-dead thieves guildmaster.[1]

Known BurialsEdit


Saying that someone was "in the City" was a slang phrase used by Waterdhavians to mean that person was dead.[3]





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