As Deadly as Any Dungeon

There's more to adventure than crawling around in dungeons. The city holds many avenues of peril and intrigue. It teems with adventure and offers unsurpassed opportunities and challenges. Dark alleys, busy guildhalls, rowdy taverns, fetid sewers, and palatial manors hold secrets to be discovered and mysteries to be explored.

This supplement for the Dungeons & Dragons game reveals the city in all its grandeur and grimness. It makes the "urban dungeon" feel alive with politics and power, especially through influential guilds. This book also describes new feats, spells, urban terrain, hazards, and monsters guaranteed to make the party's next visit to the city a vibrant and exhilarating event.

Cityscape is a sourcebook designed to aid DMs in building city-based adventures and campaigns using the 3.5e rules. It adds three new prestige classes, eleven new spells, and a multitude of background material.

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