The domain of civilization falls under the auspices of four deities. Amaunator supports the growth of cities so that they can develop and enforce regimented laws. The predictability of orderly cities appeals to the him. The rule of law is important to Torm but not as a way of stability but as a road for which justice can walk. Torm's great temples tower over the streets of many cities, showing his devotion to civilization's and justice. Under Waukeen's gaze are the merchant trade in cities, and the trade routes protected by the forces of civilized areas. To Bane the purpose of civilization is control. Maintaining tyranny without a power structure is impossible, so Bane supports civilizations over which he can rule with an iron fist. [1]



Power of Civilization domainEdit

Any divine caster who worships a god of the civilization domain may use it to channel the power of the deity. As a Divine caster choses the domain she will become more diplomatic also, when they use a power of the domain she will gain more damage against a target for each target that surrounds her. The powers of the domain are:
Leading strike
Mantle of the infidel
Priest's shield
Valiant strike

Anthem of Civilization divinityEdit

To use the divinity of the civilization domain one must have the channel divinity class feat and worship a deity of the domain. And when the caster has this it gains the ability to use Anthem of Civilization

Anthem of CivilizationEdit

Using the anthem of civilization the caster inspires her allies to work in concert to turn the tide of battle. Ether the caster or a ally of her choosing very close by will gain more accuracy against a enemy that he or she is flaking. [2]




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