Clan Auzkovyn was the second biggest faction of drow living in Cormanthor in 1372 DR,[3] They numbered about 3500,[3] and accounted for about 5% of the entire drow population in Cormanthor.[4]


The clan was named after the founder of the clan.[3]

The clan wandered in Upper Underdark for centuries. At some point during the 12th century DR, they had settled in High Forest with the intent on founding a permanent state. But due to increasing hostilities from the wood elves, who intended found a state too, they decided to leave the High Forest.[3]

In 1371 DR,[5] members of Clan Auzkovyn created a portal which opened near the Abbey of the Sword.[3] The drow dealt heavy casualties but the Abbey’s founder managed to destroy their portal at the cost of his life. The members of Clan Auzkovyn managed to escape to safety[5] and created a second portal in a short time, somewhere in the north of Battledale, thus allowing the entire clan to pass through. They then intended to settle in Battledale, but were driven out by members of the Sisterhood of Essembra and their allies.[6] They moved to the forest of Cormanthor,[5][3] to populate the lands the elves abandoned in their Retreat.[4]

Once on the surface, they decided to lead a nomadic lifestyle in Cormanthor instead of forming permanent settlements. They had good relationships with House Jaelre, the biggest drow group in Cormanthor, both on organization level as they didn't kill each others' trespassers[3], as well as on personal level as the one between Jezz the Lame and the Widower.[7] Their relationship with House Jaerle improved later to a full alliance called the Masked Brigades.[8]

Clan Auzkovyn were mainly Vhaeraunites but also followed other deities. They welcomed non-drow into their group, including elves, half-elves, and the occasional human.[3] They also were known to provide tokens which gave the owner free passage for life time for services done for them, for example turning items of spiritual value for them as the Obsul Ssussun, "The Door to Light“, to them.[7]

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