Clan Herlinga was a dwarven clan who occupied Hagga Shan in the Hordelands.[1]


These red-bearded dwarves lived in caves on the west side of Hagga Shan, which they referred to as the "Glittering Spires."[1]

Since contact between the dwarves and the nomads of the steppe was very rare, the nomads developed superstitions about the "little men." This was all very amusing to the dwarves, who used it as a bargaining chip or for some harmless practical jokes, further strengthening the superstitions.[1]

The Herlinga Clan raised goats which they used to carry goods to trade-meets.[1]


The Herlinga Clan originally hailed from Sossal, but sailed across Yal Tengri sometime during the 1000s DR to find new lands to settle.[1]



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