Clan Shestandeliath was one of the dragonborn clans of the nation of Tymanther.[1]


Members of Clan Shestandeliath used silver chains from the left nostril to the frill along the left ear, as their distinctive clan piercings.[1] Some male members pierced silver chains in their lower jaw to simulate beards.[2]


Clan Shestandeliath was one of the farming clans of Tymanther. They also were known for breeding the Ishen-Charac, a Tymantheran breed of warhorses. Their lands were located to the northeast of Tymanther, near the Riders to the Sky.[3]


Clans Shestandeliath and Verthisathurgiesh were traditional allies since the foundation of Tymanchebar.[4] This changed, however, in the late years of the 15th century DR, as relationships soured between the clans thanks to the actions of Verthisathurgiesh Pandjed.[5]

By 1486 DR, clan Shestandeliath was an ally of Clan Kepeshkmolik.[6]


Clan Shestandeliath was one of the oldest Thymari clans, dating back to the foundation of Tymanchebar.[7] Clan Shestandeliath was the clan in charge of safekeeping the powerful artifact known as the Breath of Petron.[8]

During the Second Sundering, Clan Shestandeliath lost a third of their number when Abeir and Toril exchanged lands, and most of their members were captured by the returned Untherans to be their slaves. Thanks to the efforts of Dahl Peredur, Mira Zawad, and Namshita, most members of Clan Shestandeliath were rescued, and returned to Tymanther.[3]

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