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Clara was a thief that lived in west Faerûn during the mid–14th century DR.[1]

"My name is...Hexxat. Not Clara. I need to get to...Dragomir's tomb."
— Clara


When speaking to others, she seemed scared or mentally unwell, with many pauses in her speech.[1]


Clara had a rather unremarkable early life growing up on a farm. Some time later she moved to the city of Athkatla with the hopes of becoming a stage actress. After earning a meager living as a courtesan for some time, she learned some thieving skills and embarked upon the life that accompanied them.[1]

As of early Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR she was imprisoned by the Flaming Fist within their headquarters in Baldur's Gate.[2]

She traveled back to Athkatla later that year, and was subsequently dominated by the vampire Hexxat. The vampire compelled Clara to stay at the Copper Coronet tavern in order to find a group to aid her. Referring to herself as 'Hexxat', Clara sought to journey into the tomb of the being known as Dragomir the Red. She promised prospective guardians they could find great treasure within the tomb.[1]



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