Netheril ruled for thousands of years. Wrapped tight in a second womb of shadow, we have learned from our past mistakes for over a thousand more. How foolish for any mortal to even imagine standing gainst us now.
— Clariburnus Tanthul[3]

Clariburnus Tanthul was one of the Twelve Princes of Shade who led Netheril.[1] In charge of Shadovar operations in New Neverwinter, Clariburnus led the Netherese in an attempt to restore Xinlenal, and the first Mythallar, to Toril.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Despite never showing emotion in his flat, whispering voice or unlined skin, Clairburnus had attained more humanity than any of the other twelve princes. Despite this, Clairburnus is merciless without honour, viewing cheating as a resourceful tactic. When necessary, though, Tanthul can don a facade of charm to mask the dead soul that he is.[citation needed]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Despite the hyperbole that came with being one of the Princes of Shade, Clariburnus was recognised by those closest to him as a skilled warrior and tactical commander.[1]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Clariburnus often sported a magical +3 glaive of wounding.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

One of the Twelve Princes of Shade, Clariburnus held power in Netheril since before the fall of the First Empire. He soon gained notoriety as the youngest captain in the military of Thultanthar.[1]

Return of Netheril[edit | edit source]

What care have we for the fueding rabble that grubs about these lands? When fallen Xinlenal regains its rightful place in the skies, all the fractured fations of the North will be nothing more than cowering dogs in our shadow.
— Clariburnus Tanthul[4]

Upon the return of the Netherese Empire, Clariburnus, free of Shadowfell longed to see the expansion of Netheril. One of his main goals was always to restore power to the First Enclave, Xinlenal.[citation needed]

Clariburnus would often communicate with Netherese Lord Draygo Quick about operations in the failing city of Neverwinter. After the catastrophic events that would lead the city into disarray, Clariburnus would send Shadovar agents into Neverwinter Wood in order to secure the area and find Xinlenal. After the explosion at Mount Hotenow, though, Clariburnus would demand that the Shadovar secure the rebuilding city of New Neverwinter instead.[citation needed]

Although Herzgo Alegni would hold the city for a short time, his heir to the operations, Effron, would refuse in holding the city, thus resulting in Clariburnus' efforts in the area being failures. Being fed up, Clariburnus would take control of operations himself. By this time, though, Dagult Neverember had entered New Neverwinter and the Shadovar-Thay War was in full motion. Waterdeep would force Clariburnus to have the Netherese retreat from the city to once again secure the forest.[citation needed]

Shadovar-Thay War[edit | edit source]

Clariburnus would successfully retreat, resulting in few knowing of Netherese presence in the North and even fewer knowing their purpose. Clariburnus, since taking over has commenced a search for Ioulaum, believing the mage to be alive. Upon arriving, Prince Clariburnus would almost immediately strike an alliance with the Gray Wolf Tribe, even though he had, albeit secretly, plundered Morgur's Mound for magical relics.[citation needed]

Upon finding the ruined enclave, Clairburnus would immediately set upon repairing it, putting hundreds of shades, humans, Shadar-kai, undead and constructs at work to uncover and repair the enclave. Knowing the mythallar would put Netheril at an advantage against Thay, Clariburnus seeks magical relics and items to put to use in the enclave. Due to this, the prince placed Orthinos Eln, a priest of Shar, in charge of overseeing the excavation.[5]

Clariburnus needs the magical items to create residuum to feed the mythallar.[5] Although Clariburnus seeks items from ruins, he often attacks Thay for items but knows that he will eventually have to extend into New Neverwinter to complete his search, as the legion of items he has already are not enough.[citation needed]

The Prince of Shade often attacks Valindra Shadowmantle and her Thayan forces with the Gray Wolf Tribe as the front line. He wishes to close the Shadowfell portal inside the Dread Ring all the while keeping the Thayans reeling. In order to do this, he has sent the Mythallar of Kolthunral to invade the Thayan city of Surcross to end Thayan presence in Shadowfell.[citation needed]

References[edit | edit source]

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