A claw bracer was a type of weapon that took the form of a series of claws over the wielder's hand.[1][2]


It was a metal armband or bracer with steel claws that projected over the back of the wielder's hand, to a length of some 4 inches (10 centimeters) past their outstretched fingers. They ended in stabbing points. It weighed 2 pounds (0.9 kilograms).[1][2]


The blades were as damaging as daggers, but the claw bracer was an exotic weapon to learn.[1][2]

The bracer design made it impossible for the wielder to be disarmed in combat.[1][2]

As their hand was kept free, spellcaster could cast spells normally whilst armed with a claw bracer.[1][2]


Sorcerers and wizards who were members of the Cult of the Dragon often used claw bracers.[1]

The claw bracer was the signature weapon of the orc goddess Luthic, symbolizing her long claws;[3] the Faerûnian god Malar, for a beast's claw;[4] the Faerûnian goddess Sharess, symbolizing a cat's paw;[5] and the gnome god Urdlen, symbolizing his great claw.[6]

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