The Cliffside Cemetery was the largest graveyard in Baldur's Gate, located in the Outer City district of Tumbledown, just west of Dusthawk Hill. It served as the final resting place for those Baldurians not wealthy or influential enough to be interred beneath an ancestral crypt or a temple of their choosing.[1]


Cliffside was composed of a labyrinthine network of headstones, tombs, sepulchers, and mausoleums, of varying size and grandeur. Collectively, it held the remains of a wide variety of individuals, from Baldurian citizens to wealthy merchants and even pirates.[1]


As of the Year of Three Ships Sailing, 1492 DR, the Gravemakers crew watched over the dead of Cliffside. They preserved their dignity by guarding them from grave-robbers, necromancers, and unscrupulous followers of Myrkul. Unfortunately, they were also forced to protect the city from undead as bodies were periodically raised, despite their best efforts.[1]


Long before the 15th century DR, the land the cemetery was built upon actually housed the estate of the wealthy Szarr merchant family. After their downfall, the family's estate was turned into a massive public graveyard.[1]



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