A cloak was a loose garment that was worn over clothes, particularly by adventurers, explorers, travelers, scholars, and those subjected to cold climates.[1][3][5]


Cloaks were standard adventuring equipment, but varied widely in terms of material and enchantment. They were available throughout Faerûn; the Underdark, where they were often worn by drow and known as piwafwi,[6] and Zakhara, where they were known as abas (which were essentially cloaks or a very light robes).[7] Unenchanted cloaks sold for up to 50 gp, whilst enchanted ones could be extraordinarily expensive.[3]


Many groups throughout the history of the Realms were associated with cloaks. For example, the Redbrands of Phandalin were named after the red cloaks they wore, and junior members of the Lords' Alliance were known as Cloaks. Those of the Cult of the Dragon wore black cloaks that were shaped like the wings of dragons.[8]

Notable CloaksEdit



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