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Cloak & Dagger is a sourcebook for Forgotten Realms in the 2nd-edition ruleset of Dungeons & Dragons. It details various factions and intrigues in Faerûn.

More than just powerful wizards, divine temples, and wise kings comprise the Realms. For every beacon of light there exists a shadow, and shadows conceal much. Those who work in secret wield much power in Faerûn: Groups as diverse as the Harpers and the Zhentarim all live and work in the shadows of the Realms.

Here, for the first time, is detailed information on these groups' areas of influence, leaders, chains of command, methods, agents, and their recent activities and plots. Read about:

The schism that tears apart the Harpers

The bizarre details of the "Manshoon Wars"

The rise of Fzoul Chembryl, grand tyrant of Xvim the Baneson

This book also gives information on the Night Masks, the Knights of the Shield, the Iron Throne, the Shadow Thieves, and many more secret societies. Finally, Westgate—the nexus of many power groups' interests on the Sea of Fallen Stars—is detailed as never before.

Learn what goes on in the shadows of the Realms; learn the secrets they don't want you to know!


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Current Clack
  • Chapter 3: Secret Societies Revisited
  • Chapter 4: The Assasins
  • Chapter 5: The Information Brokers & Spies
  • Chapter 6: The Monsters
  • Chapter 7: The Thieves
  • Chapter 8: The Merchantile Powers
  • Chapter 9: The Slavers
  • Appendix 1: Westgate
  • Appendix 2: Important Characters
  • Appendix 3: Westgate Key
  • Appendix 4: Westgate Map
  • Appendix 5: Notable Mages
  • Appendix 6: Notable Clergy and Churches
  • Appendix 7: Notable Thieves' Guilds



BevemarBremaerelChvar EldenbowDegasus TarensunDeior RasthavinDynarth BloodcowlFareneFzoul ChembrylGharri DelarkHukdonHydeeJabal al GaunrahlJoser MinstrelwishKhamtar RaofalKriknarKysaer WhitemantleMackester ClaypipeMeeraNadlok BormulNatak HornswallowNathchimNeergNethmurtaNimos PalantorNydyaa EaloethOtto OtturkaRewcolThessarTurg ZhurothVeesh RestoonWhiteyWykarrWyrekka KusellWyrran AlastrarraYntar Shieldblazon


Armor & Clothing
bracers of defensecloak of arachnidacloak of the batcloak of displacementcloak of elvenkindcloak of protectioneyes of minute seeinggauntlets of ogre powerhat of disguisehelm of disguisehelm of brilliancered mask of Leiraslippers of spider climbing
bag of holdingbead of forcecarpet of flyingcrystal balldecanter of endless waterfigurine of wondrous powermirror of mental prowessportable holescarab of enraging enemies
brooch of shieldinggreenstone amuletnecklace of adaptationring of feather fallingring of free actionring of gargoylesring of human influencering of lorering of protectionring of the ramring of shooting starsring of spell turningring of swimmingring of warmthring of wizardry
periapt of proof against poisonpotion of extra healingpotion of longevitypotion of water breathing
Rods & Staffs
rod of absorptionrod of cancellationrod of flailingrod of lordly mightRuling Scepter of ShanatarScepter of the Sorcerer KingsScepter of the Tyrant's Eyestaff of curingstaff of the undead
Pharaudo's TomeTome of Twelve Seals
aroma of dreamscurdled deathessence of darknessMurdock's insect wardoil of timelessnesssmokepowderStarella's aphrodisiac
wand of hammerblowswand of lightning boltswand of paralyzationwand of polymorphingwhip of entanglement
axe of hurlingdagger of venomHammer of Thunderboltsjavelin of lightninglongtooth daggermace of disruptionsword of sharpnesstyrant bladevorpal


Harper schism
Fields of Study
ShadowakeWhite Star
True Life of Cyric


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