Cloak Wood, also stylized as Cloakwood, was an ancient, thickly grown forest in the Western Heartlands region on the south end of the Sword Coast.[1]


Unlike the cliffs to the north, Cloak Wood's shoreline theoretically allowed a ship to moor and send a small boat to shore for water and supplies.[2] In practice, only desperate mariners dared the wood's population of giant spiders, quicklings, satyrs, stirges, korreds, hangman trees, and other uncommon creatures.[3]

The sages of nearby Candlekeep asserted that Cloak Wood contained portals to several other parts of the cosmos. As of 1479 DR, however, these portals were believed to be defunct.[4]


In 1376 DR, Cloak Wood was the base of operations of the Red Fang Marauders. It also housed their main base, Felldane Manor. Due to its sheer size, it was also the home to Zarad's Clocktower, the place where Ysuran Auondril learned his necromantic spells. It is also the place where Ysuran became a Shadow Adept after killing Zarad Duskmarrow.[5]


Cloak Wood was known to be full of beasts, monsters, and vicious fey, causing most folks avoid the forest.[3]




One of the Cloakwood areas as seen in the World Map in the game Baldur's Gate.

  • In the game Baldur's Gate the player can visit Cloakwood. The large forest is split into 4 mapped areas, not including the Cloakwood Mines. Each different area has different quests and buildings of interest, including a huge spider's nest, a cave of wyverns and an ancient tree carved out to be a home.


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