The Cloak Wood mine was a series of mining tunnels in the Cloak Wood forest that were originally run by the dwarves of Clan Orothiar. During the mid–14th century DR it was taken over by the mercantile organization of the Iron Throne.[1]


It was located deep within the heart of the Cloak Wood forest. It took well over two day's travel on foot to get from the edge of the forest to the mine's entrance.[1]

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The mine comprised four levels. The first level were actual mining tunnels while those beneath it held living quarters, prison cells, a temple, and a private living area complete with its own small library.[1]

The Iron Throne had built a motte-and-bailey fort above the mine's entrance.[1]


Under the occupation of the Iron Throne, the mine was overseen by the wizard Davaeorn. He was aided by the agent Tranzig, who delivered iron shipments that were captured by Tazok's mercenary groups, and an apprentice by the name of Stephan.[1]


In addition to the various mercenaries and guards that defended the mine, was a small band of adventurers led by Drasus. This band included the conjurer Rezdan, the warrior Genthore, and the mage Kysus.[1]


As of the early 13th century the Orothiar dwarves lived in and mined the tunnels with no issues. This changed in the Year of the Blue Dragon, 1243 DR, when they delved too far and tapped into an underground river and caused a great flood. Clan Orothiar was devastated and many of the kind were killed.[1]

The mines were abandoned for some time, until one of the leaders of the Iron Throne learned about its location. The Arm of the Iron Throne Richtar, who operated under the alias of Rieltar Anchev, met the dwarf Yeslick Orothiar and tortured him until he revealed the mine's location.[1]

In the Year of the Sword, 1365 DR, Rieltar expanded the Iron Throne's operations from Sembia to the Sword Coast.[2] He opened up mining operations in the Cloak Wood mine as part of a greater scheme to garner influence for the Iron Throne in the region.[1]

A few years later, in the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Abdel Adrian raided the mines in an effort to halt the Iron Throne's efforts in the region. He ended up flooding the mines once again, rendering them entirely unusable.[1]



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